Fairing, Windshield, Bags, Decals, Etc.

Price $31 (free shipping)

Floorboard Rubber.  New, genuine Kawasaki.  Fits All C and P series models from 78-05.  Self-adhesive backing.  Part number 92075-4002

Fits left or right side.  Price $16 each (free shipping)

Windshield screw chrome caps.  Dress up your stock plastic screws with chrome caps!  Easy to install.

Works on all stock windshield screws.  Set of 9.

Price $10 (free shipping)



Left fairing stripe decal.  Genuine Kawasaki part.  3M self-adhesive (can be applied wet).

Part number 56027-4056

Price $14 (free shipping)

Replacement windshield screw kit for 82-05 Kawasaki KZ1000P Police motorcycles.

This kit contains nine (9) each of the following parts:

92009-4005 screw

92015-4014 nut

92022-4015 washer

This is enough screws, nuts and washers to mount one (1) windshield to the fairing.

All are genuine new Kawasaki parts.The windshield to fairing screws are plastic for a reason.  In the event of an accident, they shear off, protecting the rider from breaking the windscreen and being cut by a broken windscreen.  Always replace the plastic screws with original plastic screws!

Sorry, due to product and shipping costs, the price has gone up quite a bit. 

82-05 Fairing Pocket Cover 

Genuine Kawasaki factory part

Part number 14025-4013

Fits left or right side

Price $25.00 each (free shipping)

Bag Latch with keys.  Fits 91-05 Bags.  Genuine Kawasaki part (mfg by Frazen). Part number 49031-5504.  Includes latch, catch and 2 keys.  

Price $15 each (free shipping)

Right side cover trim decal.  Genuine Kawasaki.  3M self-adhesive (can be applied wet).  

Fits 82-05 P-Series.  

Part number 56027-4075​

Price $16 (free shipping)

currently unavailable 

currently unavailable 

currently unavailable


Right fairing stripe decal.  Genuine Kawasaki part.  3M self-adhesive (can be applied wet).  

Part number 56027-4055

​Price $14 (free shipping)

​Note:  Screw heads must be 11.6 mm or smaller to accept these screw caps.  Some aftermarket replacement screws are larger and will not fit.  Please double check yours before ordering.  We also offer stock replacement screw kits for your KZP windshield (see them above). 

​Brand new, genuine Kawasaki side cover decal for 82-01 Kawasaki KZ1000P Police motorcycles.  Fits left or right side.  Same size as 78-81 and 02-05, but the design is specific to the 82-01 model years. 

Price $18 each (free shipping)