This kit is a KZ1000P Exclusive.  

Not available in kit form anywhere else.

O-Ring kit for 1982 to 2005 Kawasaki KZ1000P Police motorcycle carburetors (Mikuni BS34).  We have sourced these O-rings that meet or exceed OEM specs and are ethanol safe.  Many times the carburetors on these bikes don't need a complete rebuild, but replacing the O-rings can present a challenge when you try and purchase them from Kawasaki.

This kit contains 4 of each O-ring (enough to do all 4 carburetors)

92055-004 Float Bowl Drain Screw O-ring (MSRP $6.62 ea)

16038-022 Pilot Air Screw O-ring (MSRP $15.98 ea)

92055-1105 Fuel Seat O-ring (MSRP $3.36 ea)

92055-1059 Pilot Jet Plug O-ring (MSRP $6.62 ea)

Add that up and it's $130.32 worth of O-rings if you buy them from Kawasaki (plus shipping and waiting for 2 weeks to get them)!!

Each set is individually bagged and labeled.  These are a must if you're carbs have been sitting with old, stale fuel in them, or you damaged the O-rings when you took them apart.  If your bowl gaskets are still good and your hard parts are still good, this should be all you need.




82-05 Air Filter 

Mfg. Emgo  Price $12

82-05 Fuel Petcock Repair Kit.  Includes diaphragm, O-rings and 4 hole gasket. 

Mfg. K&L Supply.  Price $35